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Learjet 55

Passenger Capacity:              7

Air Speed:                               527 mph


Range:                                     2000 nm


Baggage Capacity:                  60 cuft

The Lear family is one of the pioneers of private jet aviation. Learjets have brought performance and innovation to the aviation industry, starting with the original Lear 23 in 1963. Introduced in 1981, the Lear 55 incorporates successful elements of former Learjets, while adding a few design modification of its own like a larger fuselage. Although its predecessors were competitive, Lear essentially produced the 55 to contend in a growing business aircraft market, namely one with greater cabin accommodations.


It is a quality inherent to successful companies to be able to foresee future market demands and design an innovative aircraft accordingly. That is exactly what Lear did when introducing the Lear 55. By strategically borrowing effective elements from former aircraft and integrating new features, the Lear 55 offers exceptional performance and comfort in its class. It marks successful evolution.

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