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Beechcraft King Air 90

Passenger Capacity:              6


Air Speed:                               313 mph


Range:                                     1300 nm


Baggage Capacity:                  48 cuft

With advanced payload and performance enhancements, the King Air 90 is part of a long line of hard–working turboprops. The trailblazing Beechcraft King Air family has come to symbolize a relentless pursuit of perfection. Building on 45 years of aviation innovation, the new King Air 90 supplies even more iconic performance and value than ever before. State–of–the–art engineering and new design features have elevated the already impressive capabilities of the 90. With greater range and efficiency, this entry level twin–turboprop aircraft is ready to meet the needs of owner pilots as well as value–conscious corporations around the globe. The King Air 90 now comes standard with a fully integrated Collins Pro Line 21™ avionics system – the same sophisticated system found in large 30 million dollar jets. Unchanged, however, is the King Air’s singular blend of versatility, ruggedness, comfort and quality.

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