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Hawker 800 / 850XP

Passenger Capacity:              8

Air Speed:                               514 mph


Range:                                     2955 nm


Baggage Capacity:                  40 cuft

The Hawker 800/850XP is the current production model of the 800 series Hawker jet which was introduced in 1995. Cosmetically identical to the original 800 the XP has new engines which increase its range. The 800/850XP is recognizable by its low swept wing with twin rear fuselage mounted engines. It has a highly swept tailplane with high-mounted horizontal stabilizer. Each side of the fuselage has 6 cabin windows, while the fuselage itself holds up to 8 passengers and a 2-man flight crew. The Hawker 800/850XP cruises at 461mph and has a range of 2955 nautical miles.

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