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Gulfstream G650

Passenger Capacity:              14

Air Speed:                               610 mph


Range:                                     7000 nm


Baggage Capacity:                  195 cuft

The Gulfstream G650's speed, ultralong range, intuitive cabin design and advanced technology have made it the most sought-after jet in business aviation since its 2012 entry into service.


With its newly designed wing, powerful Rolls-Royce engines and ultrawide cabin, the G650 comfortably carries eight passengers and a crew of four nonstop for 7,000 nautical miles/12,964 kilometers at Mach 0.85. That means it links Dubai with New York and London with Buenos Aires. On shorter trips, the G650 is capable of a maximum operating Mach speed of 0.925.

The Gulfstream G650 cabin is designed to provide maximum comfort, safety and productivity on those 7,000-nautical-mile/12,964-kilometer trips around the world.

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