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Gulfstream G450

Passenger Capacity:              12-14

Air Speed:                               547 mph


Range:                                     4900 nm


Baggage Capacity:                  169 cuft

The Gulfstream 450 lives up to its standards. It can fly eight passengers and three crew members from Tokyo to Seattle at a speed of .80 Mach. Everything from its engines to its flight control systems are high-performing and reliable.


Between twelve and fourteen passengers should ride comfortably in the Gulfstream 450’s 1,525 cubic foot cabin.  Passengers can easily stand in the 6.2 foot high cabin and will enjoy the 7.3 foot width and 45.1 foot length (an 18 inch increase from the G-III). The 169 cubic feet of baggage space is accessible in-flight. Two full-length closets for coat storage are located inside the two fully-enclosed lavatories.


There are plenty of cabin features that should make transcontinental and transoceanic flights enjoyable. To begin with, the full-sized galley comes fully equipped with everything needed for hot and cold food preparation: a high-temperature oven, microwave, and full-sized sink with hot and cold water, cooled storage, two coffee makers, and an optional espresso machine.  There is even fitted storage space for the dinner service (including crystal and cutlery) custom-made for Gulfstream’s private jets.

The Gulfstream makes no sacrifices when it comes to cabin space, speed, range, and reliability.  It meets every requirement a world traveler could have for a private jet of its novelty and quality.

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