How much advance notice must I give to book a flight?

BJETS can have a jet fueled and ready to go with as little as two hours notice.

Is there a maximum number of luggage I can take?

Luggage capacity is based on the size of the aircraft. Please contact our Private Client Service Department and one of our specialists will assist you in finding the best aircraft for your trip, or refer to our “Fleet” section on our website for exact luggage capacity for each aircraft.

What is BJETS’ cancellation policy?

Cancellation for a domestic round-trip charter is subject to 50% cancellation fee of the quoted price for all cancellations within 48 hours of departure time, and 100% cancellation fee within 24 hours. For international charters, client is subject to 50% cancellation fee of the quoted price for all cancellations within 72 hours of departure time, and 100% cancellation fee within 24 hours. All one-way charters are subject to 100% cancellation fee if cancelled anytime after booking.

Can I book my reservation online and/or via my smart phone?

Yes. A charter can be requested on our website under our “On-Demand Charter” section. A Private Client Specialist will respond to your request within 30 minutes of submission. Please call us at (310) 526-0004 for all charter requests departing within 48 hours for 24 hour customer service.

Can I get information regarding my reservation via email and text message?

Yes. All booked charters will receive a confirmation itinerary once all contracts have been executed.

What is on-demand charter?

On-demand charter is essentially a one-way and/or round-trip jet charter service. Bookings and availability requests can be done online via our web site or by calling one of our Private Client Service Specialist’s. Unlike other membership programs, where a block of flying hours is purchased in advance, on-demand charter gives you the benefit of flying like you own the aircraft, without the ownership expenses.

Do you accept checks and debit cards?

Yes. We accept wire transfers, checks, Visa, MasterCard or American Express payments.

Are you regulated by the FAA, similar to commercial airlines?

BJETS acts as an agent on behalf of our Part 135 Operators. In addition to the basic safety minimums required by the FAA, all operators providing their services to B JETS must comply with the safety rating standard issued by the industry’s leading independent charter intelligence organizations, ARG/US and Wyvern.

Q: How does flying private charter differ from a commercial flight?

Chartering a private jet provides you with numerous advantages that commercial airlines cannot offer. The differences include:

  • Ability to reserve a private jet for the time that best fits your schedule
  • Access to over 5,000 airports, whereas commercial airlines are limited to just over 500
  • Passengers on private jets depart without waiting in security or baggage claim lines
  • Jet charter offers passengers ultimate privacy during flight, enabling them to be as productive as they choose
  • Customers are able to visit multiple cities within a day, which allows them to take full advantage of time and maximize efficiency


What are the costs of chartering a private aircraft?

Depending on the size of the aircraft, pricing can range from $4,000.00 – $10,000.00+ per flight hour. Additional fees can include any of the following: Overnight Fees, Landing Fees, Leg, International, Catering, Cabin Service Representative, and Crew expenses. Our Private Client Service Specialists are dedicated to finding the best aircraft at the best available price for each individual charter trip.

What is an “empty leg”?

An “empty leg” or “dead head” is when an aircraft is flying empty for a specific route. These legs can be sold for up to 50% off a regular one-way charter flight. Empty legs are not guaranteed and are subject to change. Empty legs are ideal for clients who are flexible in their departure date/time.

Can I fly with my pet on a private charter?

Most private aircraft do permit pets in the cabin for your flight, although it usually requires owner approval. The size and breed of your pet will also be a factor. Let us know if you are planning to fly with your pet with your initial charter request, and we will reach out to our network of operators who permit pets onboard their aircraft.

Can I change my itinerary after I book my private charter?

Flexibility is one of the numerous advantages of chartering a private aircraft. You can modify your itinerary, but please note that this is subject to factors such as: aircraft availability, crew duty time, etc. We will always do our best to accommodate any changes in itinerary.

What type of catering is provided?

All charter aircraft are stocked with standard onboard snacks and beverages. These consist of soft drinks, liquors & mixers, pretzels, chips, assorted candy bars, and chewing gum. Through our network of catering vendors, we can also obtain any specific item or meals that you would like. Any additional catering requested will be billed upon completion of the trip.

What is a Fixed Base Operator (FBO)?

Most private aircraft depart from and arrive at Fixed Base Operators (FBOs). An FBO is a service center at an airport that offers services including aircraft fueling, cabin supplies, and aircraft maintenance. FBOs are generally located away from the main commercial airline terminals and offer a much less congested and hassle-free way to begin and end your flight. FBOs typically include a passenger lounge, crew lounge, and sometimes even restaurants and catering suppliers.

What is IS-BAO?

IS-BAO is a code of best practice. IS-BAO's fundamental purpose is to foster standardized, safe and highly professional aircraft operations. It was developed by the aviation industry, using contributions from companies in four continents. Benefits range from direct value-added for a flight department, to broad community benefits through widespread application of a voluntary, professional safety standard building upon the excellent safety record already established by business aviation.

How high do private jets fly?

Private jets typically cruise between the altitudes of 37,000 feet and 45,000 feet, which is above most airline traffic and adverse weather. Cruisin at these high altitudes is advantageous because the skies are less crowded, and there is generally less turbulence.

How fast do private jets fly?

Most private jets cruise somewhere between 480 miles per hour and 560 miles per hour. The speed is dependent on several factors such as cruising altitude, traffic, and air traffic control restrictions. One of the fastest private jets, the Cessna Citation X, cruises at a maximum speed of 590 miles per hour. Most commercial airliners cruise around 500 miles per hour.

Are private jets able to fly across oceans?

Yes. In fact, there are many private jets capable of long-range transoceanic flights. Not all aircraft, however, are able to fly for long distances over water. Although an aircraft may have the capability to fly from one point to another over a large body of water, safety regulations may prohibit such a flight due to the aircraft's inability to return safely to land should an emergency occur.

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