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Falcon 2000

Passenger Capacity:              10

Air Speed:                               530 mph


Range:                                     3420 nm


Baggage Capacity:                  134 cuft

The Falcon 2000 is a private jet with a large cabin, transcontinental range, and fast cruise speeds. It can easily complete nonstop flights such as trips from Miami to Seattle or from Boston to San Francisco.


The cabin of the Dassault Falcon 2000 has a volume of 1,024 cubic feet and usually seats between eight and twelve passengers. A seating arrangement for as many as 19 passengers can be implemented, if necessary.  In the standard eight-to-twelve seating arrangement, two seats can stretch out flat and combine so that passengers can actually lay down for a nap, just as they would do in a bed. True to the French sense of style, a wide variety of interior decorating options are available.


​The Falcon 2000’s high speed cruise is 479 knots at 39,000 feet and its long range cruise is 417 knots at 43,000 feet. It climbs to 37,000 feet in nineteen minutes.  While carrying eight passengers, it can fly 3,450 miles (3,000 nautical miles) at .80 Mach. Its cabin is rated to 8.8 psi, meaning it can maintain a sea level cabin at 25,300 feet.


In summary, the Falcon 2000 is a solid private jet with high capabilities and great performance – a good option all around.

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